Debating Evolution vs Yogurt

I try to find humor in lots of unexpected places, such as the evolution vs. creation debate. Actually I have to, so as not to be crushed by the force of anti-science sentiment.

This video is my own caricature/mockery of the “debate” about evolution, which in the end, you’ll see, is not really worth debating about. Science is here to stay, baby. You can no more squelch its progress than you can go back to asserting that the sun revolves around the earth.

But to clarify, this is my silly opinion about debating personal beliefs. Debating policy is entirely different, and yogurt should never be used when debating the importance of teaching evolution in school.

The Evolution Debate in a Nutshell

A special thank you goes to my hilarious friend Heather Klinke for wasting a perfectly good Saturday afternoon on the couch with me. You the best.

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