The Great Cartoon Nether Challenge

Is it possible to draw a cartoon penis and vulva that is not offensive and/or obscene? I came close to drawing a cartoon penis in the gay marriage post I did last year, but I shied away. It felt too risky. Yet I don’t feel the need to tiptoe around the rest of the reproductive system.
And no one has a problem with cartoon penis projectiles.
no one cares
And I’ve drawn a confused uterus and an elated set of ovaries in a post about the pill. This was all fine. It’s only when it comes to the external, business-doing parts of the reproductive system that I hesitate. But why? Why is a nonchalant sperm okay, and a happy penis not? It’s just the human body, after all.
For this Great Cartoon Nether Challenge I have charged myself with, I think it’s all about the details. Or lack of details. My plan is to make this as simple as possible. For instance, it’s probably best to leave out veins, gratuitous pubic hair, and wrinkles. Also, no piercings.
Okay, here we go:
this is a cartoon penis i hope you are not offended
penis with sunglasses this may be offensive
Cartoon penis: check. Now for the vulva. This is just as tricky, if not more so. Again, it’s all about simplicity.
this is a cartoon vulva everything is okay
Absurdity can help too.
vulva on a jet ski nothing offensive about that
Have I succeeded in not offending you?
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