How I Feel About Zoos
How I Feel About Zoos
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I went to the LA Zoo over the weekend. It was fun, but I find zoos bittersweet and emotionally confusing. Here are the three basic categories of animals at zoos:

1. Animals whose normal routine is really not thrown off by being in a zoo.

2. Animals that are confused or undecided about the whole “being in captivity” thing.
3. Animals that really shouldn’t be in zoos because they are intelligent enough to know what’s going on.
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  • Kristofor

    I totally agree with you on this. Also who kills/poaches these intelligent social beings and is able to sleep at night. I can’t believe that most of these apes are endangered. It sickens me. Humans = the self-entitled bullies of the earth.

  • Albertonykus

    There are (and have been) a few human zoo exhibits throughout history, though most are of a rather different nature.

  • TheGripester

    Thanks, Beatrice, that’s beautiful!

  • Deena Hergert

    Beatrice, I love your criteria! :-) One little correction: the scientific name of humans is Homo sapiens (with an S on the end). I always joke with my students that this is what happens when an animal names itself – “Wise man” – yeah, right!

    • Katie McKissick

      Woops! Thanks for catching that. I sometimes leave letters off when I’m concentrating on making it look nice. I left the “y” of monkey in that picture too but luckily noticed before finishing. But I missed the sapiens one.

  • Trish

    Having given it a lot of thought, at my age the only reason zoos make me sad is the fact that they kind of have to exist in the first place, because where else are these animals going to live?

  • Amanda Ellis

    Keep in mind intelligent creatures aren’t as zoos just for people to stare at, but for conservation reasons as well