March 02, 2014

Science Comics

I led a session at a conference called Science Online about comics, and I featured a bunch of different science and science-ish comics from around the interwebs. I promised those in the session I'd make a list of them, but rather that put it on the conference forum, I figured this should be shared with everyone. So here is a rather mighty (although by no means definitive) list of science comics. If you know of anyone who isn't on here, feel free to tweet me and I'll add them. And there are some here that are not always science-y, but do sometimes touch on science, health, or nature topics.


Bird and Moon
xkcd (and the wiki that explains his comics)
PhD Comics
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Liz Climo
Maki Naro's previous comics Sci-ence and current comic Boxplot
Zen Pencils
See Mike Draw
Awkward Yeti
The Oatmeal
Dinosaur Comics
Unearthed Comics
Poorly Drawn Lines
Tree Lobsters
Hark! a Vagrant
Jay Hosler
Maris Wicks
Carly Tribull
Stripped Science
Jordi Bayarri
Union of Concerned Scientists Comics Contest
Hyperbole and a Half
The Abominable Charles Christopher
Ellie on Planet X
Cartoon Physics
Nineteen Letters Long
Safely Endangered
Victims of Circumsolar
Wrong Hands
Dwayne Godwin (in partnership with Jorge Cham of PhD Comics)
Abstruse Goose
Upturned Microscope
Fever and Fractal
Ted Rall
Amoeba Sisters

I didn't include myself on this list because, well, this list is on my website, but just thought I'd mention for those that wind up here randomly that I draw science comics too.

Note: These are in no particular order.