Living Fossils

Living fossils are NOT: -really old people-dinosaur skeletons…
April 27, 2010/by Katie


Cells don't have sex.  Not usually, anyway.  To make…
April 16, 2010/by Katie

Sharky Sharks

When I was surfing one gray morning near Malibu, CA, I saw something…
April 13, 2010/by Katie

A Sense of Purpose

We like to look at nature and think about purpose.  We ask,…
April 12, 2010/by Katie

Vestigial Organs

Vestigial organs are evolutionary souvenirs.  They are not…
January 29, 2010/by Katie


Mushrooms aren't plants.  I know they grow out of soil slowly…
December 7, 2009/by Katie

Lovely Controversy

Science has a way of causing controversy.  Hey, knowledge…
November 5, 2009/by Katie

What We Don’t Know

When I was a freshman in high school, taking biology for the…
October 20, 2009/by Katie

Nature vs. Nurture

Nature =Your genesYour genetic destinyThat which you cannot change…
October 9, 2009/by Katie

Chimpanzees and Humans

A good friend of mine once asked me a good question:If humans…
October 5, 2009/by Katie

Ask a Question

Do you have a random biology question you've always wondered…
October 5, 2009/by Katie

Baldness Doesn’t Come from Your Dad

I once saw a commercial for a rogaine-like product that helps…
October 2, 2009/by Katie

Your Friend, DNA

Deoxyribonucleic acid.Dee-ox-ee-rye-bo-new-clay-ick-acid. Yeah!…
October 1, 2009/by Katie

Lack of Natural Selection

I like to think about how many times and how many ways I would…
October 1, 2009/by Katie

Magnificent Creature

Maybe next time you should take a picture instead.
September 29, 2009/by Katie

10 Things Everyone Should Know about Biology

You are made of millions of tiny yous.Bacteria aren't really…
September 21, 2009/by Katie

The Tree of Life

Because we are a little self-centered, people seem to think of…
September 20, 2009/by Katie


Cells, cells, cells. I just love cells. Why? Because I, myself,…
September 19, 2009/by Katie


Allergies are annoying. I think we all agree about that. Allergies…
September 11, 2009/by Katie

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