Who is this Beatrice person?
Beatrice is the mascot for making biology relevant and fun for everyone. She represents the idea that we are all scientists, even if we don't know it. Science is questioning, exploring, and discovering--the same things that make us human.
What is the target audience of your content?
People often assume that since my drawing style is so childish, that I'm writing/drawing content for little ones. I'm really not. My target age is a range from high school biology students to the oldest people on the planet. Basically, adults of varying maturity. I keep my comics profanity-free so that everyone can enjoy them, but my comics do deal with death, sex, and genitalia, so it's not always super appropriate for little ones.
Can I use your stupid drawings and say they're mine?
No, you can't do that.  However, you can share my stupid drawings as long as you credit me and this website. 
Wait, why do you say your drawings are stupid?
Either I'm a connoisseur of self-deprecating humor, or I'm horribly insecure. I'll let you know when I figure it out.
Do you take requests?
You are welcome to email me questions about science, and I will definitely answer your questions as best I can. If I can turn your question into a blog post, I will, but not all topics make particularly good posts, so it just depends. But again, I really am open to your questions and requests, so email me! beatrice.biologist@gmail.com